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medoo — Health Management

Service Design

Medoo is a browser based application which provides the user with various services, relating his health. The user can search for doctors in his area, make an appointment, get an online-prescription or just manage his schedule. Besides that, the app provides a comprehensive health data monitoring system where the user can track his added data and compare it to other components. He also can organize his documents or prescriptions and get detailed information about the status of his medication.


In the »My Doctors« section the user has all his favourite doctors listed, to have a fast access and be able to schedule an appointment right away. If he wants to contact a new doctor, he can use the search bar or browse the map, which shows him every doctor in his area.

Find the doctor tailored for your needs.

When making an appointment a wizard-navigation leads the user through every step. The user can in advance add several types of information to the appointment, to give the doctor an overview of what he has to expect.
 When setting the appointment, he can choose between suggested time slots.

Book online an appointment and have the advantage to get information about current waiting times.
Medication and Recipes

With the medication timeline the user can keep record of his medication usage. This Data can, among others, be used to be added to an appointment, so that the doctor has exact information about it. If the user forgets to take the medication, a notification is sent to the app, his smartphone or smartwatch. Besides that, the application keeps track of the user’s vaccination status and automatically suggests an appointment, if a vaccine needs to be refreshed. Recipes can be viewed and compared with other medications. They can be stored on the smartphone, to make prescriptions which can be used more than once, easier accessible.


The health section is the central collecting point for all tracked data, be it with a connected device or manually recorded. The user can connect any device with the database and can compare it to other datasets to spot possible correlations. In addition, the data can be added to the doctor at the time of booking, depending on the requirements. These data, which are often not mentioned, facilitate a specific diagnosis.

Overview of the tracking data based on your connected devices

This is a student project created during 3rd semester 2016/17 as part of a course in Application Design — by Jürgen Graef.


Olivier Brückner
Max Mertens
Janis Walser-Cofalka


check out the github link for the hole html Prototyp

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