Gesturebased Game

This project was developed within two weeks at a workshop on the basics of media in a three-dimensional space by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro. The task was to develop an arcade-game based on the JavaScript physics engine Box2D.js and it should be controllable with the motion capture camera Leap Motion.


We focused at this project on the technical examination of interaction-specific software and hardware, in particular the most diverse spatial input and output situations. We developed for the game an interaction pattern that is characterized by its simplicity and is so very easy to learn and can be operated by anyone.


The game can be controlled by one hand. As soon as the user holds his hand over the Leap Motion, the game starts. By closing his hand, he can grab the rotating element and turn it to move the token. The grabbing and releasing function his shown by a cursor on the screen.


This is a student project created during two weeks in spring 2014 as part of a workshop — by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro


Benjamin Pfleghaar
Max Mertens
Janis Walser-Cofalka


check the github link and play! if you haven't a Leap Motion at hand, don't worry the second prototype supports the cursor

switch to Github and play you need this break